Welcome to the Akatofarr web site, home of my beautiful and mischievous Devon's.

My name is Jenny and my love for Devon Rex cats began over thirty years ago when I purchased Siddy and Wendy. Siddy was a lovely Si-Rex with a superb wavy coat but unfortunately he was knocked down on a quiet country road when he was only eighteen months old. We had not originally intended buying Wendy but after securing Siddy the breeder asked us if we would like Wendy to keep Siddy company.

Sadly Wendy was a rather poor example of a Devon for she had experienced some kind of accident when a kitten which had resulted in her losing some teeth, this had left her with a slightly disfigured face. Although I was unable to use Wendy for breeding purposes she remained a much-loved companion for many years.

Time passed and although I had other more conventional cats I never forgot the Devons, which was my first love! Then for my sixtieth birthday my family gave me a Devon Rex kitten whose breed name is Siam Hellcat Jack Daniels but for simplicity sake we called him Brimley after a village in Devon. As he was registered as non- active I was unable to use Brimley as a stud cat although I have shown him a couple of times. Since then he has remained a very affectionate family pet ‘ Brim ‘ full of character.

A little later I purchased a Tortie girl registered on the active list she is called Be Be and so began my very own line of Devon's. Since then Be Be has had three healthy litters and subsequently I kept one of Be Be kittens whose everyday name is Fudge and in time Fudge provided me with a further litter.

Presently our feline family consists of Brimley, Fudge, and Be Be and occasional kitten arrivals. Our other permanent resident, a blind Cocker Spaniel called Teazle who has long since given up trying to take command.

Fudge is expecting a litter in September 2010 by Champion Jonscott Rio Viavegas.

If you wish to purchase a kitten please do not hesitate to contact me early on as they are often in demand.

All kittens are registered non-active, are vaccinated and wormed, and come with pet-plan cover.

All my kittens are bought up in our house as part of the family and are well socialised.